Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Gap!

There was a news article posted to the site, which I read occasionally, about concerns surrounding a Victoria's Secret model becoming too thin to fulfill the obligations of her contract.

Said model pictured, center.

Today's thinspo is not about Victoria's Secret models, or even models in general. While reading the comment thread that went with the article, ignoring all ignorance and hate, I did learn a great term for one of our favorite  skinny girl traits. Today, I present that gap between the thighs that we all love and covet--the Happy Gap! (And of course I know the Farker that used that term probably meant "happy" in a naughty way--we mean happy because we'll be happy when we have it!) Skinny legs, stockings, skinny jeans, and thigh gaps galore!

These tights are so pretty...

These tights are so cool! If they're real (not a 'shop), I want a pair. When I'm not a chubster.

I love you all! Thank you for reading. xoxo


  1. LOVE this thinspo. I am hoping by the end of the slim down challenge I too might have the 'happy gap'. Glad to read that you're doing well. have a good day hun :)

  2. I really want to build my thigh-high tights collection. Love these.

  3. eee! I will be so happy to have a happy gap. I hope I can get there someday! And the galaxy tights are amazing. If you find a pair somewhere post a link cause I want them bad as well.

  4. Ugh. Want want want!!!

    And those space tights WERE AMAZING!!!

  5. Thigh high tights, I want them so badly! I can't pull them off with my current hippo thighs, but I will eventually. 119, and I'll buy them. I get why girls wear them though, we're always freezing!! Sending love and skinnies

  6. The galaxy leggings are from Black Milk! I know because I only wear tights, never leggings, and have long coveted the trendy pair as an astronomy geek myself.


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